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The dogfish shark made personal choices

The dogfish shark made personal choices

Small bats, these common sharks in the Atlantic and Mediterranean, each with their character, at least in terms of social interaction. As this behavior affects the chances of survival, these individual variations may surprise.

Small bats live on the seabed in shallow water, and are camouflaged by burrowing.  When they are young, these sharks can isolate or prefer to approach conspecifics already installed.
Small dogfish, Scyliorhinus canicula , have varying personalities, some are likely to approach their peers while others prefer to stay alone on a warm background: this is what the British zoologists observed Now in captivity ten groups of these selachians in three types of environments, the MBA Plymouth ( Marine Biological Association ).

Bearing multiple names (catfish, or cow, or rock salmon at the fish), small foxes are common along the coasts of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. These sharks 80cm live on soft bottoms (gravel, sand or mud) and may form loose groups. David Jacoby and colleagues have placed in several basins of juveniles in amounts larger or smaller and observed their social behavior, individual by individual. Sociability, here, is limited to settle on the bottom, close to or at a remote location.

Is it better to hide alone or in groups?

The findings, published in the journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology , show that young bats rather retain their social or asocial rather whatever the size of the group and for the three types of environmental character. The researchers' conclusion is that these behavioral differences are not dependent on anything other than the individual himself.
The observation is rather surprising because the choice of where dogfish settles on the bottom is key to effective camouflage. When they are young, these fish are indeed beautiful prey when stationary in the sand, mud or gravel. So there would be two different strategies among individuals, with some preferring established groups and other deserted places. But this is only a hypothesis. Dogfish still retains his secret inclinations.

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