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Autonomous car is looming on the horizon

Autonomous car is looming on the horizon

At the Paris Motor Show, showcases is made electronics and various and varied accessories. This is probably a foretaste of future developments of the car, as many predict independently, as evidenced by several specialists.

Will there be another driver in the car in 2030 ? The car , already increasingly connected and automated, should soon lead alone, according to manufacturers working on this promising new technological frontier. But before becoming a part of everyday life, time savings and safety to the key, the autonomous car still faces technical, legal and especially psychological challenges.
Most of a certain level of luxury cars already offer driving aids: lane departure warning, windshield wipers and automatic headlights, radar and backup cameras. High-end, some models perform niche for themselves. Mercedes-Benz on its flagship S which often gives the "the" equipment with five to ten years ahead of the least expensive cars class, already offers a system of quasi-automatic driving in traffic and a regulator of rate which maintains the distance to other cars on the highway.

In the wake of automation increasingly important, "we believe that the autonomous vehicle will be a reality from 2020, but believe that the most significant deployment will take place after 2030," said Josselin Chabert, automotive expert consultancy PWC." The technology is there, "adds Thierry Hay, director of innovations and embedded systems with PSA Peugeot-Citroen, noting that manufacturers " all work "to develop such facilities.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid prototype serves as a laboratory to develop the constructor functions of autonomous driving.  On the roof, five Lidar sensors use a laser pulse to analyze the surroundings in three dimensions.

One day, the car will park only

Creating a pipeline of autonomous cars is part of industrial projects launched by the French government, a pulse that has not expected Akka, a consulting and engineering working for Daimler (Mercedes) office, which is Now in its third generation of autonomous vehicle, says the CEO of this company from the Lyon region, Maurice Ricci. For him, the current main technical challenge is to allow the vehicle to react in real time to a changing environment: other cars, pedestrians or animals crossing the road, not to mention the occasional work that prevent rely solely on data GPS . " We consider that the vehicle must be able to create his model digital and move in , "he says. For now, " it detects only 30 kg of organic mass, so we have progress to make , "says Maurice Ricci. Bristling with sensors, the car Link & Go Akka throne on the stand of the Department of Ecology at the Paris Motor Show.
The French supplier Valeo has demonstrated its amazing system that replaces the carrier side: you leave your car in front of a restaurant, and she goes on her own to find a parking place, preventing you from multimedia phone when it is parked. But he'll have the law evolves to allow circulation of autonomous cars , says Mr. Hay. The Vienna Convention on Road Traffic (1968), ratified by most European countries including France, provides that " any vehicle in motion or series of vehicles shall have a driver . "

Home of the Google Car , California, after Nevada (western United States), has to adapt its legislation to permit experiments autonomous vehicles on public roads . The French authorities have planned to do the same from 2015 Once the technical aspects solved, remain outstanding the issue of liability in the heart of the insurance system. In case of accident, " are we going to give more credit to a vehicle driven by a computer , or Man? "asks Josselin Chabert, PWC. As for the psychological blow for drivers not destined to become passengers Thierry Hay says that customers surveys " show that people imagine very well and think it's a natural evolution. " The benefits of autonomous cars are potentially huge: reducing congestion, consumption, and 90% fewer accidents in the future, emphasizes Josselin Chabert. Besides the free time. " No one is particularly excited by the prospect of spending half an hour in traffic morning and evening and welcome the opportunity to do something else during that half hour then, "said Thierry Hay.

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